Poop In A Group LLC

The Social Network With Paws


Hello!! My name is Shannon Weed. I am the creator and dog walker extraordinaire of Poop In A Group LLC and this is my story!.........if you care.......

I became an official Colorado resident on January 13th, 2015. I had had enough of the subzero temperatures of Minneapolis, Minnesota, and dreamed of new adventure in the wild west! (Oh yeah, and, my husband was moving here; so I figured I should probably pack my bags and come too !) Before moving, I worked 6+ years as the Vice President of Operations for multiple high volume, high grossing, and highly creative restaurant concepts. I may not have liked the long and unpredictable hours, but I loved the work I did. I knew, however, that moving meant the opportunity to pave a new path, and to do something different with my future. I decided to take that chance. I decided to build a career doing something that I just can't seem to get enough of.........PLAYING WITH PUPPIES!  

Pooches are my passion. I adopted two pound puppies of my own, Ozzie and Steve (pictured above) 8 and 7 years ago, and was a puppy foster parent for many months. In addition to a house filled with pups, I developed, curated, and managed several dog friendly and dog focused events during my VP years. Currently, I volunteer my time assisting with canine rescue programs.  I continue to further my education on canine behavior and training techniques by attending dog training programs around the Denver metro.  

Poop In A Group LLC came into existence because of what  I saw and experienced firsthand. Work days get longer and longer, and lives just get busier and busier, and sometimes you just need a little help. AHHHHH! That's where I come in! YAY!! Your pup shouldn't be a chore, they're your best friend! But when work and life get out of balance that is exactly what they become. My goal is to help busy professionals have peace of mind knowing, even though they may be stuck at work all day, their pup is getting some fresh air, affection, and bladder relief. 

So What's Next... .....THE FUTURE!

In the near future Poop In A Group LLC will begin hosting events for its fellow Poop Groupers and their parents. Don't get stuck talking to the creeper at the dog park anymore! Poop In A Group will offer a place where fellow poop grouping professionals can unwind, have a cocktail and meet other "Poop In A Groupers" in their neighborhood. Keep an eye on the events page for the date and location of the next event! Poop In A Group LLC........The social network with paws.