Poop In A Group LLC

The Social Network With Paws

Shannon Weed

Owner/operator, and Top Dog of operation Poop In A Group! You can find me putting together Poop Groups all over Denver! To learn more about me and how Poop In A Group came to be; check out the "Who Me?" tab on the website.


Hee Young Yi


Hee Young has grown up around animals her whole life. Currently she has a dog named Dory, a cat named Jerry, and two horses named Zipper and Ozwald. Dory often accompanies her on backpacking trips and hiking fourteeners. Outside of animal-related hobbies, Hee Young enjoys rock climbing, trail running, and swimming. Last year she transferred from Red Rocks Community College to the University of Colorado Denver to study biomedical engineering. 

 Heather Thompson

Growing up in Michigan, Heather had an undeniable love for animals. She followed her passion to Michigan State University where she got her bachelor's degree in Animal Science with a focus on Animal Behavior. Heather has over 8 years of experience professionally training and caring for horses, but she has always been a dog lover as well. Since college Heather has relocated to Colorful Colorado in search of endless sunshine and mountains. When she's not hiking or camping with her dog Hula, you'll find her behind her camera, furthering her other passion, photography. Heather will be mostly Poop Grouping the West Denver pups.                                                        

Camilla Castro

Camilla moved to Denver about a year ago, with her boyfriend and fur baby Luna.  They recently adopted their first cat and named her Nova. Camilla has a ton of experience with dogs thanks to her previous job, Happy Tails of South Jersey! She is proud of her time there and considers it an honor to work for them and is sincerely grateful for all she learned from them. In addition to a dog enthusiast, Camilla is also a pastry chef! Before she moved to Denver she had her own small business called "Camibakes".  Currently she just bakes at home, which her pup Luna doesn't complain about, as she is spoiled with home baked doggie treats! Camilla's goal is to own her own bakery shop one day. She can't wait to start sharing her love will all the poop group pups!

Charlotte Larson


Charlotte grew up in the beautiful mountains of Evergreen. After high school, her scenery changed by attending school in Brooklyn, New York to study illustration at the Pratt Institute. There, she worked as a server and nanny while, making sure to stare at and pet all willing New Yorker pups. After six years Charlotte moved to Paris, France to be an au pair. While she may have managed to learn how to ask owners if she could pet their dogs, that was about the extent of her French speaking. So, she decided to return to Denver in order to be closer to Dewey and Hops, a golden and a rescue corgi mix, and, the rest of her family. She is thrilled to be a part of "Merde" In A Group and promises not to be the dog park creep, though this bio suggests otherwise.

Rocky Clark

rocky 1.jpg

Rachel, aka "Rocky", has been working a Chef and Pastry Chef around the country for the past 20 years. Rocky and her husband decided to move and buy a home in Denver one year ago. Growing up she always had "family" dogs, however REALLY  they were Rocky's dogs. During high school her mother brought home two rescues. Rocky continued the tradition by volunteering at local shelters along with rescuing her most recent 3 fur babies. Her eldest pup Cali, along with Henry the cat, have been with Rocky since they were babies. She adopted Snowy, only a couple years ago. Her animals are her children. They keep her grounded. It’s a running joke with her husband that she loves her little pack more than him (which is only partially true).  Years in kitchens have taught Rocky how to handle ever-changing environments, the importance of attention to detail, the ability to multi-task, and most of all patience. These skills will help Rocky in her position as a dog walker with Poop In A Group; as each of these skills come in handy when walking her own two VERY energetic pups.  

Yamilla Cruz


Yamilla is from Puerto Rico and has always loved animals! She lived in the country with land for more than the usual pets.  Yamilla grew up with dogs, cats, horses, geese, chickens, rabbits, even a snake. She volunteers at an animal shelter and has worked summer jobs in a vet's office. Currently, she has 2 beautiful cats: Luna and Cali; and a handsome doggie: Bori.  Yamilla is very active. She loves dancing, going hiking and being outside, with Bori of course! Her other job is in the field of Chiropractic and Nutrition. 

Chelsea Martinez


Chelsea is a Colorado native, and is always up for an adventure! In college she earned a marketing degree.  Chelsea recently left the corporate world to pursue a career in firefighting. Her pup, Maple, and her love eating, running and people watching together. When Maple needs alone time, Chelsea enjoys mountain biking, snowboarding and CrossFit!