Poop In A Group LLC

The Social Network With Paws

Choose to have your pup walk individually or with a group. All dogs are welcome to group walk, as long as, they do not show leash aggression towards other dogs and handle moderately well while on a leash. Here are some simple guidelines on how to group poop:

·         Find pups to poop with: recruit your pooch's current neighborhood friends, pick out participating pups from our "Pooping Pals" link, or just let your dog walker extraordinaire (me) know you are interested and, I will help introduce you and your dog to other pups in your neighborhood.

·         Pups must live in 5 blocks of each other

·         Pups must walk same time slot and same day

·         Your pup must be part of Poop in A Group for a minimum of 2 individual walks before allowed to poop with other pals.

Why Poop In A Group?

By pooping in a group you save $5 on every 30 minute walk and $10 on every 50 minute walk. Find the right group to poop with, and you could save over $50 a week! PLUS, your pooch gets the added benefit of new friends and socialization.